Eyelash Extensions in Grey Bruce


April 18, 2016
Unfortunately, there are some negative connotations surrounding eyelash extensions. Some people believe that getting eyelash extensions can damage natural eyelashes and the actual eye. It is critical to only visit a professional eyelash extension artist who is educated and trained in correct application. Read on to find out how you can prevent negative side effects from eyelash extensions and how to keep your lashes healthy and full.

Natural Eyelash Loss

Due to genetics and auto-immune diseases, some people can loose eyelash extensions faster than others. If you have naturally healthy lashes and loose your lashes at an appropriate rate, eyelash extensions are totally safe.

If too much tension is caused by gluing two or more lashes together, eyelashes can fall out at a more rapid rate. This is why you need to visit a trained professional. Other things that can slow or stop the growth of natural lashes are:

Repeatedly pulling off eyelashes and extensions
Extra weight and torsion added to the follicle by using too long or thick of an extension
Unsafe solvents used in un-approved lash removers
Oils in un-approved make-up removers and mascaras


Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelid. It commonly occurs when the tiny oil glands of the inner eyelid become inflamed. Symptoms include red, itchy eyelids that may look greasy and crusted.

To prevent blepharitis, make sure you are cleaning your eyelash extensions. Build up of makeup, dry skin and sweat can cause blepharitis. We suggest you use oil-free cleanser, or even a baby shampoo, or regular soap and water everyday to prevent blepharitis.


November 15, 2014

After your beautiful set of eyelash extensions is applied, you will often hear your lash stylist telling you not to get them wet for 24 hours and to avoid touching them unnecessarily.  This is to allow enough time for the adhesive to fully dry/cure and to avoid premature fallouts.

However, some ladies take this advice too far and hardly ever get their lashes wet, nor wash them ;( !

We often see clients with build up of glug (dead skin, oils, make up residue) on their lash line, which not only i...

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Why Get Eyelash Extension

November 14, 2014
Why Get Eyelash Extensions

1. Eyelash extensions are the latest beauty "secret".

Eyelash extensions enhance the look of your naturtal lashes making them sexy, thicker, fuller, AND you won't need mascara or lash curlers ever again. You'll just wake up looking fabulous, bright, and all set to go. Models, celebrities, and professionals get eyelash extensions - its for women of all ages. Eyelash extensions are perfect for special occasions, like weddings and birthdays, or everyday life.
2. Effortl...

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Eyelash Extensions Beauty Servise

Natalia VP Foxy iLashes is an eyelash extensions service of Grey Bruce area. Well known in the area for the customized eyelash extensions. A professional technician is happy to answer any of your questions and help you choose the right lash look for you.